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There are many sites out there aimed at the consumer, telling them how to chose a tradesperson or a Builder, how to get them to work at rock bottom prices, how to keep them on their toes and how to litigate against that Builder/Tradesperson if they are not happy with the end result. In fact the internet is full of help for consumers and you could be forgiven for thinking everything is stacked against you.

 Not any more

This website is designed to support Building, Trade and associated professionals. 
TradeGain is here to inform, help, guide and assist the people who make up
the biggest industry in this country.

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 Everyone is feeling the effects of the credit crunch so we have
developed systems to show you how to -

Reduce your costs
Generate maximum returns from small changes in your business
Discover methods used by large companies which can be easily applied to your business
Attract more work than you can handle
Dominate your competition
Work less and earn more
Engineer your business to fit in with your future

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Our website is designed to fit in with the way you like to work,
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This site is not static, it continually grows and evolves,
in fact it will change on an almost daily basis to follow current trends and thinking, we will keep you up to date with new developments in the industry, explain what the changes could mean to you and give you an edge that will keep you ahead of the competition

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